Pilates Equipment

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Reformer & Tower System

The Pilates reformer uses springs with varying degrees of tension, which are located at the base of a moving carriage (or platform) – that you can lie, sit, kneel or stand on. Moving without gravity is one of the hallmarks of equipment based Pilates and one of the greatest joys. So be prepared that the carriage of a reformer moves and you will move along with it.

The Allegro 2 Reformer Springs

There are 5 springs of varying resistance, indicated by color:

  • Red = Regular/Full
  • Blue = Light
  • Yellow = Very light

Numerous reformer exercises require you to put your feet or hands in straps (sometimes whilst also sitting or lying on top of a Pilates box). Certain other exercises require you to put your feet or hands on an upright bar or on a wooden plate. As you practice, you will gain confidence and learn how to properly engage muscles. The more awareness you develop, the more intensity you will achieve.

Pilates reformers convert to a tower with an extra mat and the addition of the tower frame. The big difference here is that the reformer carriage converts into a larger stationary surface. Once converted, it’s the tower that takes over as the source of spring resistance. The springs can be adjusted to various heights and are used to add support or add challenge to exercises . 

Like the reformer, straps and the pilates box can both be used in a tower class. This time the straps are attached to springs (not ropes) and resistance can be intensified. Many tower exercises focus on one area of the body at a time, making it easier to isolate muscle groups. There is also the addition of a roll down bar (think circus trapeze) and push through bar – both promote healthy movement, spine lengthening and strength. The stretch you get using the Tower is unparalleled. 

Overall the pilates reformer and tower system is an exciting and multipurpose piece of equipment. It offers all that is great about the reformer and then some. Once you try it, you’ll soon discover how it can bring your pilates practice to the next level. At ORIGIN PILATES you will feel taller, stronger and more limber.

Equipment New Features

Our Allegro 2s have the new carbon fiber footbar and it’s a game changer! Here’s why we’re fans:

  • Smaller – enhancing grip and foot articulation.
  • Lighter – easier to adjust.
  • Grip Texture – allows for stronger hand/foot positions.
  • Softer – new padding gives extra comfort.

We don’t do things by halves, so our Allegro 2 system has the new footplate extender too! It gives a larger surface to work from, increasing stability, connection to the exercises and more room to move. Overall these new features dramatically change your experience on the equipment!